Let’s make your journey to a cloud infrastructure as seamless as possible. Our Cloud Migration Services take the headache out of managing applications and databases on-premises, solving for challenges such as high IT investment and operating costs, inflexibility in infrastructure updates based on varying loads, and minimal security against hacking, identity, and data theft.

To meet your unique business requirements, we strategize your cloud migration with the guiding principles of four ‘Rs’– Rearchitect, Refactor, Rehost, and Rebuild.

Solve for the challenges of inflexible infrastructure by moving to the cloud

Our capabilities

Secure and smooth migration of your business applications and database to handle large datasets and conduct critical analysis. To meet your business requirements, you can select:


Redesign your application to modernize and optimize it for a cloud platform


Rearchitect your app for the new cloud environment, taking advantage of cloud features and flexibility to maximize performance and efficiency


Life and shift your applications in the cloud without making changes or adjustments to code or draining critical resources and time


Adapt PaaS or SaaS services and architecture to add new functionalities

Prepare for a successful cloud migration today

Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

Leverage cloud to get scalability, flexibility, and data availability.

Optimize and redesign your apps for cloud architecture.

Maximize performance and efficiency by refactoring apps.

Rehost a smooth cloud migration without code adjustments.

Save resources during migration with quick lift-and-shifts.

Add functionalities by rebuilding to PaaS or SaaS.

Rearchitect apps to handle large datasets and analysis.

Accelerate the ROI of cloud migration today


Why CloudFusion Lab

CloudFusion Lab is a leading partner in driving resilience through digital transformation with cloud and AI. Our expertise and size uniquely positions us to fast-track projects, and scale up or down cost-effectively.

Product DNA

Our product and engineering DNA produces enterprise transformation with resilience. We develop industry and customer-focused products to deliver value and gain a competitive edge

Scalable and global distribution

We can scale your project or implementation up or down depending on the needs of your business while offering 24*7 support with a globally distributed Center of Excellence

Platform-driven approach

CloudFusion Lab has engineered in-house frameworks and platforms to create cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud-based data, analytics, and AI solutions

Deep Azure Cloud, data and AI expertise

CloudFusion Lab has engineered in-house frameworks and platforms to create cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud-based data, analytics, and AI solutions

FastTracktoValue™ methodology

We provide a Center of Excellence with our unique FastTracktoValue™ approach and flexible engagement models to drive innovation

Commitment to values

We are committed to our values-FORTE to establish and support data-driven innovation. FORTE defines our relationship with our employees, partners, and customers

Leading brands and innovators trust CloudFusion Lab vision, mission, and expertise to enable a seamless enterprise modernization.


years of Azure cloud experience




global locations

Talk with our solution experts

“Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fundamental part of our IT ecosystem. Cloud-based data solutions like Azure along with a technology partner like CloudFusion Lab are going to be crucial for data-intensive companies like ours”

– Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company